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God I Suck At This

Not that anyone reads this but I do have access to a scanner currently and was thinking of digging up some of my fanart I've drawn over the years.  The computer labs here are pretty fancy and I was hoping to try out some digital coloring later on.

Oh, I finally hit 80 on my DK.  

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So now another few months of endless grinding and gearing up to look forward to.  Joy.
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Did anyone even read these books?

 I just found out that a new Artemis Fowl book (yes, ANOTHER) is coming out next month.

....I'm a little ashamed that I'll be buying it as soon as they deliver the shipment to the store.  I've already checked the store inventory to see when we're getting them. XD

Also, my WoW account got hacked. QQ
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Lawl Warcraft

So BOLVAR is the new Bitch King. (Who didn't see that coming?!)  ANd I know that video was supposed to be all tragic and emotional (and homoerotic??) but ALL i could think while watching it was, "Why is Tirion in a dress wtf?! I thought he was a pally? ....overpowered son of a bitch."  

Oh well, back to leveling the alts.

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Claymore Anime

 Soo, now that I'm working in a video store, I get access to a lot of movies.  And the store I work at has the largest selection in my entire hick town, so I've been trying to catch up on all the movies/tv shows I've missed this year.  And I've started watching Claymore this week.  Some bastard had checked out the first one so I had to rent the second and third volume.  BUT ANYWAY,

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Fandom Misogyny

I am saying that, having suffered trauma, the victim is elevated to a privileged rank because of that trauma - the privilege would not exist without the trauma. 

The above quote comes from a wank report from here about a debate concerning whether or not authors should put warnings about dubcon, rape, incestial content, etc. that takes place in their fanfics to protect their readers who are survivors of trauma from having a panic atack/flashback/emotional response/etc. from the dubious content.  Skipping over the FUCK YES THEY SHOULD, because many people have written much more eloquent responses on that subject (<il user="impertinence">'s Sexual Assault, Triggering, and Warnings: An Essay Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.) I would instead like to address the above quote, taken from an absolute plethora of rage inducing ones, and question exactly what the hell <lj user="aukestrel"> was thinking when they wrote it?

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I am just disgusted by this whole debate and reminded once again why I left fandom in the first place.

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Summer Time!

 Nothing much to add.  I was FINALLY hired by a company (!!!) and am taking a calculus 1 class this summer.  So, my time online may be even more curbed than it is.

On my to do list is to post a little review of Runaways vol. 1 as I finally got it last week and finished it. :D

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School Blues

 This icon conveys perfectly the emotions I am feeling at this specific time.  I would make it my default except I still love my Spock/Uhura one WAY too much for a normal person.

Anyway, I'm probably going to get a high C in my government class and my Anthropology final is tomarrow.  Joy.  My high school classes are...I don't know.  

Anyway, I just registered on some scholarship websites.  The questions they've asked have made me feel slightly better about myself.

(Also, still feeling more and more motivated to use this thing.  It must be the icons...)
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New Icons!

Soo, because I had to delete an icon to make room for my Spock/Uhura (GUH! <3) ones, I ended up deleting all of them and replacing them with new ones.

I liked my old ones, especially my Tarvek default, but it's a new year and I kind of wanted an update.  So, miss you guys, but I'm moving on.

(Also, I was seriously considering getting a paid account just so I could have MORE room for MORE icons.  Wtf?  I don't even use LJ that much.)